Exotic Shorthair cat

The ideal Exotic should present an impression of an intensely boned, even cat with a sweet expression and delicate, round lines. The large, round eyes set wide apart in a large round head add to the general look and expression. The thick, rich coat relaxes the lines of the cat and emphasizes the roundness in appearance.


Exotic Shorthairs are a younger breed compared to their cousin, the customary Persian. They were made during the 1950s when an American cat breeder crossed a Persian with an earthy colored Burmese. She realized that this improvement may be mainstream with cat fanciers since they were charming like Persians yet simpler to prepare with shorter hair.

Dissimilar to other cat breeds, for example, the American Shorthair, the early Exotic Shorthairs were exclusively just reared with Persians to keep up the trustworthiness of the line. The breed was conceded Title Status by the Cat Fanciers Relationship in 1967 and has taken off in prevalence from that point forward.


As the Exotic is basically a shorthair Persian their characters are indistinguishable, or, in other words they are outgoing, peaceful, and nice felines who make extraordinary associates. They are at their most joyful when they are with individuals or playing with the kids.

Exotic Shorthairs will tail you all over and on the off chance that you set out to close the entryway on them they will castigate you from the opposite side until you revive it, yet with a peaceful and delicate voice. Any home will accomplish for the Exotic Shorthair, regardless of whether it’s a house, level, condo, family with kids, or a couple; as long as they are the beneficiary of a lot of adoration and consideration and have a warm lap to cuddle in around evening time.


The Exotic Shorthair can be succinctly described just like a short-haired Persian, since, for all expectations, it satisfies each guideline for the Persian breed, with the exception of the coat. The Exotic may develop to be as much as 15 pounds, yet in tallness it remains genuinely short and near the ground.

There are two highlights that especially cause the Exotic to stick out. This breed is classified as brachycephalic, which implies that the skull, and by augmentation, the face, is short and expansive, with a straightened gag. The other normal trademark this breed has, and which supports its prominence, is its pedomorphic appearance, implying that the face of the Exotic holds its kittenish demeanor, with large, round, broadly set eyes, little ears, a short nose, and a large, round head.


The Exotic Shorthair is a brachycephalous variety of cat which means it has the same short level face that the Persian has and quite recently like its precursor has various health issues related to this.

The primary health issues with Exotic Shorthairs are:

  • Polycystic kidney sickness (PKD)
  • Respiratory issues
  • Dynamic retinal decay (PRA)


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